Enchanted Fetus

Enchanted Fetus

Welcome to utopia.i'm Michaela i love art and music(pink floyd,nirvana,metallica, janes addiction,led zepp,guns n roses, radiohead,SOAD,the doors,the beatles,RATM, rammstein,the cure,tool,violent femmes,smashing pumpkins,to name a few)enjoy my blog


Today, driving back to Winchcombe it was raining and sunny again and this time a rainbow stretched across the sky.  I know the science but they still seem like magic to me!

(via pervy-doll)

Terence Mckenna (via vividpretence)

We are infantilized, we are told you can wonder around within the sanctioned playpen of ordinary consciousness and we have some intoxicants over here if you want to mess yourself up: scotch, tobacco, red meat, sugar, television… but, the boundary dissolving hallucinogens that give you a sense of unity with your fellow man and nature are somehow forbidden. This is a sign of cultural immaturity; a society that is as oppressed as that of the past. This is part of our birth right, the substances will deliver. We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination.
Psychedelics are a catalyst for imagination. Catalysts to say what has never been said, to see what has never been seen, do what has never been done, to push the envelope of creativity and language. We have to stop consuming culture, we have to create our own roadshow..
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